The five key dates that will mark the most important year of Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor has left behind everything related to childhood and adolescence and is taking leaps and bounds into adulthood and the responsibilities that this entails. A transition marked by these last four months of 2023, in which five dates are condensed on her agenda that make this year the most important of her life.

It all began on August 16 with her admission to the Zaragoza Military Academy, with which she began the first of the three years of her military training, specially adapted to her and her circumstances.

As heir to the throne, not only have two courses been condensed into one, but she will have special permission to leave the center and attend to her royal duties. But for this, a few weeks will have to pass, since Leonor first has two military appointments.

Delivery of sabers, September 19

After a few days of adaptation, next Tuesday, September 19, the saber delivery ceremony is scheduled to take place, a formal act that symbolizes obtaining her title of lady cadet. This weapon is the symbol of the officers in the army and, as the future captain general of the armies, it corresponds to him.

It is a simple event in which a second year student hands the saber to a first year cadet. In the case of Leonor, it is unknown who this person will be, but on some occasions she usually determines if they know each other beforehand, are friends, relatives or have interests in common.

Flag pledge, October 7

Following in her father’s footsteps, Leonor will also swear the flag in Zaragoza and she will do so a few days after coming of age. Although it is unknown how the act will be, Felipe VI lived it alone, without his companions. Dressed in the dress uniform of the cadet knights, the current King pronounced “yes, I swear” loud and clear, in response to the formula read by the director of the Academy, which is still used and says: “Gentlemen and Dames Ensigns Cadets, Cadets and students! Do you swear by God or do you promise by your conscience and honor to faithfully fulfill your military obligations, to keep and have the Constitution kept as a fundamental norm of the State, to obey and respect the King and your bosses, never to abandon them and, if necessary, give up your life? in defense of Spain?

Princess of Asturias Awards, October 20

October will be a very busy month for the Princess, who on Friday the 20th must be in the Asturian capital to preside over the delivery of these awards that bear the same name as her title. They reward excellence in the categories of letters, arts, communication and humanities, social sciences, sports, international cooperation, scientific research and concord and Leonor is in charge, together with the Kings, of delivering them.

Since 2019, as a closure to the ceremony, he has delivered a speech that is also expected to take place in this edition. In addition, both the day before and after the gala is also usually in Asturias, first to attend the traditional Princess of Asturias Awards Concert, held in Oviedo, and then to visit and honor the town chosen as ‘Exemplary Town of Asturias’ . This year, however, due to his duties as a cadet, he might change his schedule.

Age of majority, October 31

Princess Leonor will celebrate her coming of age on the last day of October. A designated date that this year falls on a Tuesday, so she predictably will not be able to celebrate or blow out the candles with her family, but in Zaragoza with her fellow Academy members.

Oath of the Constitution

His 18th birthday is October 31 and, according to the Constitution, it will be then when he will be able to swear the magna carta before the Cortes, although he could also do so in the following days. His father did it the same day as his birthday, but the current political instability, although what seems clear is that the Cortes will not yet be dissolved.

This is the result of the decision of the president of Congress, who, by postponing the investiture vote for Alberto Núñez Feijóo until September 27, ‘guaranteed’ that they will not be dissolved until the end of November.