The Italian Prosecutor’s Office investigates a businessman who claims to be Berlusconi’s heir

Silvio Berlusconi 1

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Italian city of Milan opened an investigation into the Italian businessman residing in Colombia, Marco Di Nunzio, who claims to be another heir of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who died last June.

Prosecutors Roberta Amadeo and Marcello Viola will investigate whether Di Nunzio has committed the crime of falsifying documents, according to media such as the Ansa agency.

The Italian residing in Colombia has deposited in a notary office in Naples (south) a will signed, according to him, by the magnate and three-time Prime Minister Berlusconi and in which he would have left him 2% of the shares of the family group, Fininvest, and other assets, as reported by the local press recently.

Di Nunzio has always claimed to be a friend of Berlusconi and in 2013 he tried to run for the presidency of the Lombardy region (north) with the list of “Bunga Bunga Movement”, excluded by the commission of the Court of Appeal of Milan for alleged irregularities in matters of signatures.

According to the will in the hands of Di Nunzio, Berlusconi would have left him 2% of the shares of Fininvest, worth approximately 26 million euros, in addition to all the shares of the company that owned the two houses that Berlusconi had in Antigua. , in the Caribbean, the ship “Principessa VaiVia” and also other vessels.

With the publication of the will, the businessman would also have formalized the request for Berlusconi’s five children, requesting immediate entry into possession of the assets.

Berlusconi’s official will, which was opened after his death, was dated June 19, 2022, when the politician was already ill with leukemia, and left his five children as heirs to his empire, Fininvest: Pier Silvio, Marina, Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi.

In addition, Berlusconi bequeathed 30 million of his fortune to Marcello Dell’Utri, his right-hand man, and co-founder of his party, Forza Italia, and was sentenced to seven years in prison for links to the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra.

And he also donated 100 million to his brother Pablo and another 100 million to his last partner, Marta Fascina.