7 reasons to adopt a cat

Cats Adoption

More and more cats are arriving at animal shelters because they have been abandoned and nobody wants to take care of them. Sad truth? The funny thing is that if the vast majority of people knew the reasons for adopting a cat, the situation of many homeless cats would change completely. So if you are considering buying a purebred cat, you better read these  7 reasons to adopt a cat. I assure you that you will end up changing your mind.

Why adopted a cat?

Are you thinking about adopting cats and you just don’t have it clear? So you should know that the  reasons for adopting a kitten and the  reasons for adopting an adult cat are the same and can be summarized as follows:

1. You are saving two lives

Yes, yes: two. The life of the cat you just adopted and the life of the cat that will take its place in the shelter. Isn’t that more than enough reason to adopt?

2. You are giving him a second chance

And he knows it. Unfortunately, there are many “reasons” for which your future cat has been abandoned: owners who have not thought about sterilizing their cat, cats that are no longer babies and are no longer cute, and relatives allergic to cats… But not you: you are going to bet on him until the end.

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3. Cats respect your space

Felines are independent and autonomous in nature. This does not mean that they prefer to be alone 24 hours a day or that their care is not relevant, but they will not be on top of you every two by three. “Live and let live” seems to be their motto, and this is one of the most attractive reasons for adopting a cat for us.

4. Cats adapt to change

As with any other animal, the adaptation of an adopted cat can be more simple or more complicated depending on the situation. However, the cat is one of the animals that best adapt to changes,  which is a more than obvious reason for adopting a cat.

5. Cats are therapeutic

It is proven: cats avoid depression and improve their mood. Since cats reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life, they manage to reduce the risk of heart attacks in their owners. The peace they emit when they sleep and/or purr is contagious. You won’t want to leave his side.

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6. Cats are great companions

And with them, you will never feel alone again.

7. They are the perfect company for children and the elderly

Did you know that living with cats strengthens the immune system of children? Or that many felines are used in nursing homes to comfort the elderly? This is one of the benefits of adopting a more unknown and at the same time more special cat. Don’t you think?