10 benefits of raising a cat

Raising a cat

Would you like to have a cat at home and wonder what are the benefits of raising a cat? Well, here is a list of the innumerable advantages of raising cats at home. Are you prepared?

Why should you raise a cat?

Since there are many reasons to adopt a cat… why not arm yourself with affection and give a new feline a chance? Here are the main reasons:

1. You will have a great company

Cats, as their name suggests, are companion animals. That is to say, they are very suitable pets to live in a home with human beings. If you live alone at home, having a cat will always bring you friendly and special company.

2. It will reduce your stress and anxiety

When you feel stressed and somewhat distressed by day-to-day worries, you will not find a better therapy than coming home and petting your furry friend. And it is that, as various scientific studies have shown, having a cat at home and petting it frequently helps us human beings to free ourselves from the effects of stress and anxiety.

3. It will lower your blood pressure

If you are prone to high blood pressure, you will not find a better remedy for this problem than raising a kitten at home. And it is that several scientific trials have shown that interacting with cats, as well as frequently listening to the purring of these animals, helps human beings to prevent cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure.

4. You will reduce the chances of having a stroke

This was one of the main conclusions reached by a study from the University of Minnesota. In fact, this trial showed that people who raise a cat have up to a 30% lower risk of having a stroke.

5. Clean house

Unlike keeping other pets, if you choose to raise a cat you will find that, in general, you will have a cleaner house than people who keep dogs, rabbits, ferrets and other pets.

And it is that cats are very neat animals with cleanliness, that in addition to following daily grooming guidelines, they also use their litter box to relieve themselves since they are small puppies.

6. You will not have mice

Cats are excellent hunters, especially mice and other rodents that can attack your home as a plague. If you choose to raise a cat, it is likely that you will never see a single mouse at home or in the garden again.

7. You will receive love

You will receive a lot of affection if you choose a cat as a pet, since these animals, although they have a reputation for being independent, are also very affectionate companions who know how to return with affection all the gestures and care you have for them.

8. Heat source in winter

Cats love to snuggle up on the couch with their owners. For this reason, in the winter months, you will receive enviable warmth whenever you lie down on the sofa with your pet.

9. Little noise

Unlike dogs, which often bark, cats are much quieter animals. So much so, that if you choose to raise a cat, you will rarely hear a slight meow or purr, but the noise will not be a problem in coexistence, as these animals are very quiet.

10. Cheaper than other animals

Cats are animals that, as a general rule, do not usually binge on food, but eat just enough to survive. Therefore, if you choose to raise a cat, you will realize that the budget you allocate to its food is not very high.