21 curious facts about your cat that perhaps you did not know

Cat 2

International Cat Day is celebrated every August 8 in order to recognize and defend their rights in the face of abuse and neglect that they suffer daily, as well as to raise awareness among the world population of the importance of their care and maintenance. We join this day and today we bring you 21 curious facts that you may not have known about your cat. Let’s start! 

1. Cats pay more attention to women than to men, because they react better to a high-pitched voice. 

2. Cats’ ears are ultrasonic. This means that they can listen to frequencies inaudible to you. Like, for example, the sounds that rodents use to communicate. 

3. Cats consider that they are the owners of the house where they cohabit with humans.

4. People who have cats have less stress and fewer heart attacks.

5. Cats don’t understand punishment, but they do understand rewards when they do something right.

6. Cats hate the smell of oranges and lemons

7. When a cat rubs up against you, it’s because it’s marking you as part of its territory.

8. The cat’s “meow” sound is usually used exclusively to communicate with humans, not with other cats. 

9. If a cat licks your face, hands, or hair, take it as a compliment since it is grooming you like one of “its own”.

10. If a cat lifts its tail and keeps it fully stretched up, it means that it is very happy.

11. If a cat lies on its back when it sees you, it means that it trusts you since in this position it could not defend itself from an attack. 

12. There is the peculiarity that tricolor and four-color cats are only female, and in the very strange cases of a male, these are sterile.

13. After eating cats wash immediately. It is a survival instinct that leads them to act like this so that predators do not smell the food and thus avoid being attacked.

14. Most white cats with blue eyes are deaf unless they have one eye color different from the other. The deafness gene is a gene found in white cats, it is called “allele w” and it is the cause of white color and deafness in cats. Not all white cats are deaf, only those with this gene are. These cats also usually have blue or green eyes. 

15. The catwalks and runs by moving its front and hind legs on the same side. Only the camel, the giraffe and the cat have this particularity.

16. The ancient Egyptians shaved off their eyebrows in mourning when their cat passed away. 

17. Chocolate is toxic to cats.

18. The design of the cat nose cushion is unique, no two cats have the same design.

19. There is a plant that fascinates cats since it makes them enjoy sublime moments for a few minutes. It is about the catarian nepeta . Its perfume triggers behavior in the animal similar to that of a female in heat.

20. The cat’s tongue is made up of tiny hooks, which help it tear the food. That’s why it feels scratchy to the touch with the skin

21. The purr of cats has the ability to calm themselves down when they are sick or scared.