5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes central Turkey

Earthquake shakes central Turkey

More than 9,500 aftershocks have occurred after the deadly earthquake on February 6. The tremors are expected to continue for the next two years.

An earthquake of magnitude 5.2 caused panic this Saturday (02.25.2023) in the province of Nigde, located about 350 kilometers from the region devastated at the beginning of the month by a powerful earthquake that has caused more than 44,000 deaths.

The telluric movement could be felt in several neighboring provinces, according to the Turkish press, although there are no reports of possible damage.

The Turkish Kandilli seismographic observatory has located at the epicenter of the tremor in Bor, a municipality about ten kilometers southwest of the provincial capital of Nigde, a city of 230,000 inhabitants in southern Cappadocia.

Earthquakes between magnitudes 5 and 6 are relatively frequent in Turkey, which registers a dozen of this type of tremors per year and normally do not cause major damage to homes or infrastructure.

More than 9,500 aftershocks followed the big earthquakes on February 6, an extraordinary situation, while tremors are expected to continue for the next two years, the Turkish emergency agency AFAD said in Ankara.