Carlos III’s visit to France postponed due to protests


France and the United Kingdom decided on Friday (24.3.2023) to postpone the visit of King Charles III, initially scheduled for Sunday, due to the current protests against the pension reform of President Emmanuel Macron.

“The French and British governments (…) made this decision to welcome His Majesty King Charles III under the conditions that correspond to our friendly relationship,” reads a statement from the Élysée, which does not specify any new date for the visit.

First trip abroad

 The British sovereign planned to start his first trip abroad in France since his accession to the throne. On Monday (27.3.2023) he was scheduled to participate in a tribute at the Arc de Triomphe and a dinner at the Palace of Versailles, before traveling to Bordeaux on Tuesday.

However, the call for a new mobilization on Tuesday against the pension reform has forced London and Paris to postpone the visit to a date yet to be confirmed, especially when the latest protests degenerated into riots.