A Colombian woman is serving 14 years in prison for stealing a roast chicken

woman is serving 14 years in prison for stealing a roast chicken

Sandra del Pilar, a 52-year-old Colombian woman, has served four of the 13 years and eight months in prison to which she is sentenced for stealing a chicken for her son in 2019.

The woman, an inmate at the El Buen Pastor prison in Bogotá, received a call from her son’s school, who was 13 years old at the time. “They called me from the boy’s school to tell me that he had fainted, and I know that he fainted from hunger,” she told the Citytv media outlet.

Sandra’s reaction was to take her son to a store and find food to help him. The economic conditions of the woman did not allow her to pay for a chicken, so she decided to serve it to her son and herself on the spot.

The security of the establishment, who noticed the theft, arrested Sandra and took her to one of the supermarket’s warehouses. She was held there until the police arrived.

The local authorities sent the woman to the police unit in the Bogotá neighborhood of Paloquemao, and soon after they released her.

Sandra, who worked in the hotel business in the Mazurén area, spent her days preparing “breakfasts, lunches, lasagna, quinceañeras… Well, what didn’t she do,” she told Citytv. At her workplace, she received a visit from the police. The agents identified her, and after seeing her, one of them said, in the words of the pastry chef: “Put on a jacket and some shoes because we’re leaving.”

After detaining her, the authorities notified Sandra of her prison sentence of 13 years and eight months for having consumed the chicken without paying for it. In addition, she and her husband committed a crime involving minors in her theft. Her husband is in an unfavorable state of health in La Picota prison.