Israel released new information about the hostages held by Hamas: more than 20 are minors and bodies were stolen

Hostages Israel

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) published new information about the 203 hostages still in the Gaza Strip, following the Hamas incursions and terrorist attacks on October 7.

According to the army, more than 20 of them are under 18 years old, while between 10 and 20 are over 60 years old. Likewise, most of those kidnapped are alive, while there are corpses that were taken as hostages to the Gaza Strip.

As of Friday, between 100 and 203 Israelis are considered missing. When the war started, about 3,000 people were in that condition.

The IDF stated that there are around 203 Israelis considered missing for whom there is still no information.

The Army emphasized the “extreme complexity of locating information about missing people.” “Among them, there are several bodies in Camp Shura that have not yet been identified and bodies that have not been brought from the camp,” he explained.

The IDF continues to carry out search operations and locate bodies near the Gaza Strip area.

The Army said it informs the families of the hostages with complete transparency and is in “constant communication about every update that can be shared.” “There are multiple teams that are in daily contact with the families of the hostages. In the coming days, teams will be created to be in contact with the families of the missing,” he added.

Israel attacked more than a hundred Hamas targets in Gaza

The Israeli Army attacked more than one hundred targets of the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip overnight and killed Mohamed Abu Odeh, a naval agent who participated in the brutal aggression on Israeli soil on October 7.

“During the attacks, Amjad Majed Mohamed Abu Odeh, a Hamas naval agent who participated in the massacre of Israeli civilians in southern Israel, was killed. In addition, a terrorist squadron belonging to the Hamas air force was neutralized in an attack aimed at Gaza City, after they attempted to fire rockets at a plane,” an Israeli military spokesman reported.

Among the hundred Hamas targets attacked, the Israeli Army highlighted an underground tunnel, weapons warehouses and dozens of operational command centers.

In addition, terrorist assets and weapons located in a mosque in the Jabalia neighborhood, which the “Hamas terrorists” used as an observation post and base of operations, were destroyed, the spokesperson added.