Borrell affirms that “the Taliban have won the war” and that the EU “will have to talk to them”

Josep Borrell Taliban Afghanistan

The European Union recognizes that the Taliban have prevailed in the war in Afghanistan, which forces a dialogue with this radical movement to prevent the outbreak of a humanitarian and migratory crisis, as the head of the diplomacy of the UE, Josep Borrell.

“The Taliban have won the war, so we must speak with the new authorities in Kabul, whoever they are, to prevent a migration and humanitarian crisis,”  Borrell said after an emergency videoconference from EU foreign ministers.

The European politician stressed that it is about maintaining “a dialogue” and “not about the recognition of the power of the Taliban.”

Borrell stressed that the priority task for Brussels is the evacuation of its personnel and Afghan citizens who worked with EU member countries.

Borrell stressed that relations between Brussels and the new Afghan authorities will be conditioned by the “peaceful and inclusive” nature of the transition and by “respect for the fundamental rights of all Afghans, including women, youth and individuals. belonging to minorities“, as well as for other obligations such as the fight against corruption and the guarantee that the Afghan territory will not be used by terrorists.

Furthermore, the EU will continue to provide aid to the Afghan people, said the EU’s chief of diplomacy, urging the Taliban to abide by international humanitarian law.

Last Sunday, the Taliban seized  Kabul, the capital, and ended their offensive across Afghanistan, at the same time that President Ashraf Ghani left the country. The insurgency’s advances in recent weeks accelerated after the definitive withdrawal of the international contingent led by the United States, which began last April.

The arrival of the Taliban in Kabul caused hundreds of people to rush to leave the country, fearing for their lives under the new authorities, leading to traffic jams and stampedes at the city’s airport.