Almost 70% of Salvadorans support the re-election of Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele El Salvador

Nearly 70% of the population of El Salvador supports the re-election of President Nayib Bukele, despite the fact that the head of state’s decision to extend his term goes against the provisions of the Constitution, experts said on Tuesday (03.14.2023). 

According to a survey by the La Prensa Gráfica Investigation Unit (LPG Datos) published this Tuesday, 68.3% of Salvadorans have a positive opinion or support the re-election of Bukele, 13.1% have a negative opinion or do not support it, while the rest have a neutral, indifferent or no opinion about it.  

The outlet noted that the interviewees were asked if immediate re-election should be allowed and 67.9% answered yes, 19.3% answered no and 12.9% did not answer the question. 

The study was carried out from November 9 to 12, 2022, with a sample size of 1,000 individual interviews conducted in homes, a confidence level of 95% and a maximum margin of error of 3.2%. 

President Bukele announced in September 2022 that he will seek immediate re-election in the 2024 elections. 

The possibility of Bukele being re-elected for a second consecutive term was opened last September when a questioned Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) modified a criterion on the subject. 

Before that resolution, whoever held the Presidency had to wait 10 years after concluding his term. 

The main reasons for allowing immediate re-election, according to Salvadorans, “are the work that the current president is doing, that it is the population who should have the last word and that it can be useful for the continuation of some projects,” said the survey.

Bukele is the first president of the Salvadoran democratic stage who will try to be re-elected since this situation has not occurred since the time of the military dictatorship.