Whistleblower: Pentagon Has ‘Intact’ Alien Spacecraft

Pentagon Has 'Intact' Alien Spacecraft

A former US intelligence officer, David Grusch, has filed a complaint against the US government, alleging that they have been hiding a program that possesses physical evidence of alien vehicles, some of it “intact and partially intact”.

During a series of interviews with The Debrief and NewsNation, Grusch, who is an Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, revealed even more shocking details. He claimed that, in addition to secretly recovering alien spacecraft, the US government has even found dead “pilots” inside these spacecraft. According to Grusch, this has been part of a top-secret UFO recovery program that has been underway for decades.

After 14 years of service in the US intelligence services, Grusch stepped down in April. According to The Debrief ‘s report, Grusch experienced retaliation from government officials after submitting classified information about these vehicles to Congress.

However, despite the risk this poses to him personally, Grusch has, he claimed, decided to release this information so that the rest of the world can learn what he believes has been illegally hidden. 

“I’m serious. I’m sitting here taking great personal risk and obvious professional risk speaking to you today,” Grusch told NewsNation.

“Call it spaceships if you like, exotic vehicles of non-human origin that have landed or crashed,” Grusch told NewsNation.

Grusch: “Intact and partially intact vehicles”

In a separate interview given to The Debrief Tea journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, who previously exposed the existence of a secret Pentagon program investigating UFOs in a 2017 New York Times article, Grusch described how the government allegedly has evidence of spacecraft created by “non-human intelligence” of “unknown origin.”

“[This assessment is based] on vehicle morphologies and materials science tests and possession of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures,” the former official said.

“We’re not talking about mundane origins or identities,” Grusch said. “Material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.”

Statements by other officials about extraterrestrials

Jonathan Grey, a current US intelligence official at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (Nasic), has confirmed to The Debrief, according to him, the existence of “exotic materials” and has made it clear that “we are not alone”. 

In addition, The Debrief has spoken with several of Grusch’s former colleagues, who have testified to his reputation. Karl E. Nell, a retired Army colonel, called Grusch “beyond reproach.” A 2022 performance report, seen by The Debrief, describes Grusch as an officer with an exceptionally strong moral compass.

Nick Pope, who investigated UFO sightings for the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) in the 1990s, has highlighted the importance of Grusch and Grey’s accounts of the alien materials. 

“It’s one thing to have stories on conspiracy blogs, but this takes it to the next level, with real whistleblowers,” Pope said.

Grusch has not personally seen the alien vehicles.

On some level, it’s understandable that many people find it tempting to imagine that the US government has been covering up the existence of recovered alien spacecraft. However, there are those who remain skeptical of this issue and continue to doubt Grusch’s statements for various reasons.

For example, in The Debrief article, Grusch does not claim to have personally seen alien vehicles or provide any information about where they might be stored. Instead, he mentions that he has had numerous conversations with colleagues who have had that experience.

Thus, The Debrief reported that Grusch’s knowledge of non-human materials and vehicles was based on “extensive interviews with high-level intelligence officials.” He said that he had informed Congress of the existence of a “recovery program” for UFO material.

This aspect has generated skepticism among some, since it is based on indirect testimony and not direct visual evidence.

“Contact with a non-human intelligence”

Grusch, for his part, stated that he is sharing this information now in order to prepare the public for an “unexpected scenario of contact with non-human intelligence.” According to his statements to The Debrief, he believes that this phenomenon transcends the borders of the United States and has a global reach. Yet, he says, “a global solution continues to elude us.”

“We are definitely not alone,” he told NewsNation. “The data suggests, quite empirically, that we are not alone.” 

“There is a sophisticated campaign of disinformation targeting the American population that is grossly immoral and unethical,” Grusch stated in his interview with NewsNation.

What has the US government said?

As reported by The Independent, Sue Gough, a spokeswoman for the Defense Department, said in a statement provided to the British media that to date the All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) does not have “any verifiable information to corroborate the claims that programs related to the possession or reverse engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or currently exist”.

The All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) investigates unidentified flying objects and other phenomena in the air, sea, land, or space.