US and Taiwan sign more ambitious trade deal

Taiwan USA

Representatives of the United States and Taiwan signed on Thursday (1.6.2023) a trade agreement that aims to “strengthen and deepen the economic and trade relationship between the United States and Taiwan.”

The Trade Negotiations Office of Taiwan’s legislature said in a statement that Taiwanese trade negotiator John Deng, present at the event, described the signing as “a milestone” in trade and economic relations between Taiwan and the US.

Simplification of procedures

The Office explained that the new agreements “will enhance the ability of Taiwan’s industries, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to engage in international economic, trade and investment activities.” Also, Deng expressed his hope to “continue to expand and deepen the areas of economic and trade cooperation and mutually beneficial relations” between Taipei and Washington.

According to the information provided by the US side, the pact “will simplify border procedures and reduce red tape, making it easier, faster and cheaper for US companies to bring their products to Taiwan.”

Chinese protests

For her part, the spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning accused the Democratic Progressive Party (ruler on the island) of having a plan to “seek independence under the guise of trade and economic cooperation.”

“His plan is doomed to fail,” Mao said, urging Washington to “put an end to any form of official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan” and “not to negotiate agreements with Taiwan that have connotations of sovereignty and are of an official nature.” .