Why is the internet important?

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Internet has become essential in our lives. Whether for work or personal reasons, most of the activities that people usually carry out are related to the Internet. It allows you to perform countless tasks in a fast and agile way. In addition, it can be accessed through different devices. For example, computers, mobile phones, tablets, among others.

In 1969 the Internet appeared. A real boom that has influenced and changed many aspects of people’s lives. Its origin was ARPANET, a computer network whose objective was to serve as a connection between different educational and governmental institutions.

From there, their connection was perfected and spread worldwide.

The Internet has managed to provide access to any type of information instantly. It allows people to communicate regardless of where they live and facilitates educational and bureaucratic tasks to make them more accessible to anyone.

When the Internet did not exist, people could not communicate in the same way. If the distance between people was very far or news events happened in other countries, communication took days to arrive.

With just one click it is possible to carry out a multitude of tasks in record time thanks to this network so well known and used globally.

What is the Internet for?

The Internet is mainly used for the following:

  • The Internet serves to make it easier for people to carry out various activities and save time on it.
  • We are in a digital age where many services, products and tasks have been digitized due to the influence of the Internet.
  • Its introduction into everyday life has caused many barriers to be removed. For example, hierarchy and distance.
  • It is a reflection of what happens in reality. There are millions of users who access the Internet around the world and leave their mark on the different platforms that have emerged thanks to the Internet.

What is the Internet used for?

It has multiple and varied uses. These are the most prominent:

  • Search for information: Before its appearance, to search for any type of information it was necessary to go to a library or use telephone lists, for example. With the advent of the Internet, all that has changed. This network has made the search for information much faster and more agile. Users must put in the most prominent search engines what they want to find or navigate through social networks or other platforms to find the information they want.
  • Immediate communication: With the advent of the Internet, immediate communication is possible. The distance between people is no longer important to be able to communicate in an agile and fast way. Thanks to video calls, sending instant messages through chats or the use of platforms such as WhatsApp, among others, they allow the transmission of information instantly.
  • Social contact: Social networks have millions of users around the world. They offer the possibility for a user to communicate and report on himself. You can not only interact in person, but social networks allow you to carry out this important work for the human being. Social networks connect people who share tastes, hobbies or also work needs.
  • Research: The Internet makes research work much easier for any user. When doing academic work or data is needed to prepare certain reports, turning to the Internet is something that greatly facilitates things. Many educational institutions and entities include certain information on their website so that it is available to any user.
  • Education: Education has also been strengthened by the use of the Internet. Schools use this network to include online courses, conduct tutorials, or add educational programs.
  • Leisure: Without a doubt, it is one of the most used uses by users. There are a large number of options to enjoy leisure time on the Internet. For example, listening to music or downloading games.
  • Financial and commercial transactions: Online buying and selling or payments over the Internet are activities that are the order of the day. Businesses have realized the great value of this network and have opted to include their online stores.

Examples of uses on the Internet

A company that wants to have a more fluid communication with its customers or increase them, can open a profile on Facebook, for example, to show its benefits, products and communicate with its audience in a more direct way.

A student who must prepare an end-of-course work, may use the Internet to find related information, practical cases and data to help him prepare it.