The power of the hug, why they are so important

power of the hug

A few years ago the NY Times published an article about how important touch is in conveying emotions and how simply touching someone is one of the strongest forms of communication there is.

Any type of touch can be used to express a variety of emotions. A handshake can connote a wide range of feelings that you want to convey, such as intimidation, respect, or sternness, and this applies to all types of contact: hugs, kisses, pat on the back, to name just a few.

I find it fascinating how a large part of communication is linked to contact, and looking at the power of the hug in particular it becomes even more interesting:

  • The act of hugging reinforces relationships and closeness between individuals.
  • Hugging can have calming and healing qualities, reducing stress on the body. It
  • can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • It can reduce feelings of loneliness.
  • It can increase feelings of happiness.
  • We are, I believe, social creatures. We live in groups. Being close to others, very close, is important to most of us.

Psychology Today reported that “babies who are not cuddled or cuddled enough will literally stop growing and, if the situation goes on for a long time, even if they get the proper nutrition, they will die.”

Incredibly, it was discovered that babies can literally die from unkind touches when scientists investigated why orphanages had higher death rates. This shows that touch and the stimulation of touch are very important, not only for one’s well-being but for life itself. And this, I think, is closely linked to love. Do you still doubt the power of the hug?

Babies need to be loved and feel loved. We are designed to want to hug.

Hugs are an expression of love, affection, and we long for the comfort it brings us. And, therefore, it is not surprising that in many countries “Cuddle Parties” and “Cuddle Workshops” have emerged that focus on non-sexual contact.

I’ll confess, when I first heard about Cuddle Parties, I thought it was a crazy concept. Going to a party just to hug a complete stranger?

But the more I read about them, the more sense it makes. These are a great way to combat loneliness and the devastating effects of loneliness. They’re also great for stress relief, and in a society that values ​​productivity above all else, lifestyles are getting busier. When everyone is so preoccupied with making money, how do they find the time to satisfy the basic human need for hugging, especially if they live alone? And especially when many societies are moving away from the concept of playing, maintaining larger and larger areas of “personal space.”

As we know, hugs have many benefits, and if a baby can literally die from lack of contact and love, why do hugs become less important to our well-being as we get older?

So do not stop hugging the people you love, family, friends, etc. because hugs are very important to your well-being.

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