How to forget the love of your life

forget the love of your life

How to forget the love of your life? Even more important is to know if you have really loved it. Because there are many people who can make us feel multiple things. But only one will find true love in our entire lifetime. And we must know how to recognize it.  

The love of our life is not always the first person we kiss, or the first person we decide to take the step of having sex with. In fact, the love of our lives is not always the person with whom we have decided to start a family.  

How many grandparents are not sincere as they spend the years with their grandchildren telling them that their partner, although it served as the basis for the family they are now, was not the love of their lives? And, do not take it the wrong way, this does not mean that they are about love failures or empty relationships.  

Love is such a complex feeling that we can feel it for more than one person, sometimes at the same time. But, what is it that makes a person really the love of our lives? Are there any requirements that they must meet, or standards, in order to qualify as such? 

Do you remember when was the first time you fell in love? How did everything feel so new? How could you not get that person out of your mind, even though the years keep passing and you keep meeting others? Why not we always end our way next to the love of our life.  

Because it is so, and sometimes we have to accept the fact that love never ends, but the opportunity to love does. It is a feeling almost as bitter as death. In fact, some would go so far as to say that it is a bit more bitter than mourning the death.  

And what happens if we never want to involve someone in our life again? What happens if we don’t want to love again after having met, and left, the love of our life? Can we live happily only with the memory, Or do we have to forget it in order to continue moving forward? 

For a while, it’s easy to believe that distracting your mind will make you forget. Your friends will tell you to go out more often, to meet new people. Your parents will tell you that if that person was able to move on, so could you. That relationships don’t always work out, and you have to accept them.  

But, what must be accepted? That life goes on even after having loved so much, or that you will continue in life without ever feeling a love as strong as the one you already knew? Because, if we are honest, we will never know which of the two options we have will be worse.  

By this, I do not mean that it is okay to lock yourself in, or refuse to meet new people. Before loving others, we must love ourselves enough to be able to celebrate the fact that we are alive one more day no matter who we have by our side.  

We must love each other enough to continue fighting to get where we want to be, even if we have drawn up a couple of plans before. We must be strong enough to recognize that not being with someone has not made us incomplete, and that we can eat the world on our own.  

So, before you keep wondering how to forget the love of your life, think about the way you are giving yourself love. And if it is strong enough to make you able to love again, even when nothing is the same as before. And who knows, maybe it’s better.

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