How social networks influence your relationship

social networks influence your relationship

Today the technological era is living, that is why people strive to acquire electronic devices. The use of social networks for some is an addiction, while for others it is a very useful resource. Maybe when you live an exciting moment you immediately think about taking a photo and updating your profile.

It should be noted that not using an image-sharing application properly can be harmful and damaging. Sadly, technology has served to create conflicts and disagreements between families, separating their members.

Are social networks beneficial? 

These can be effective communication tools and excellent interaction, everything will depend on how they are used. On the other hand, they can also be reasons for insecurity and distrust in the relationship if the limits are crossed.

Advantages of using them:

  • If you live far from your boyfriend, social media can help you reduce the distance between the two of you. They are ideal so that you can have conversations through the digital medium even if it is not physically possible.
  • It offers you a good opportunity to connect with your partner’s family and loved ones. Sharing with them virtually will help you get to know them better in a neutral environment and will expand your circle of friends.
  • They are a means of entertainment, you can use them to hang out and have fun whenever you want. They are also an informative channel, you can find out about the most shocking events and current news.

Use the nets with balance

First of all, you should be very careful with the time you spend posting and commenting on photos online. Spending hours on your electronic device without focusing on anything else will interfere with your social development. The problems will increase if you decide to have a courtship since you will have to share your attention with someone else.

People have been known to conflict with each other because their partner lives attached to their device. Instead of promoting frank communication with those who have physical contact, virtual conversations are frequented. Don’t let that happen to you, give your courtship due to place and take advantage of the important moments.

Don’t feed harmful attitudes with technology 

To analyze this point, it is necessary to identify which behaviors negatively affect the couple’s relationship. Currently, the word “toxicity” and the like are used to refer to attitudes that create discomfort in dating. Possessiveness or manipulations are among the most common, surfing the web lends itself to elevating them.

If you tend to generate discussions due to excessive jealousy, you are likely to use social media to do so. Investigating your partner’s movements online for the purpose of finding fault will only hurt you. Being aware of every reaction and comment your boyfriend makes can be a source of stress and tension.

What appears can be an illusion

You don’t have to show off your love affair on social media to show your affection to the world. Statistics reveal that the least active couples are virtually considered the happiest, most stable, and longest-lasting. Remember that a smiling photo is not synonymous with joy, sometimes it is about keeping up appearances.

The misconception that you have to upload photos of each activity that is carried out leaves room for great risks. Do not compare your relationship with that of others thinking that your boyfriend should expose you on the networks like others. Staying out will protect your privacy and save you embarrassment if a breakup occurs later.