Jorge Messi spoke about Lionel’s return to Barcelona: “It’s quite complicated”

Lionel Messi FC Barcelona

The possible return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona keeps the world of football in suspense. Many are the fans who want to see the Argentine star again in the Blaugrana shirt. In this sense, after the half-hour meeting that took place this Monday between the footballer’s father, and who is also his agent, with the president Joan Laporta, it seemed that the story of a possible return could be on track.

Pending the official confirmation of the approval by La Liga for the economic feasibility plan presented by the Catalan club, necessary to be able to manage the return of the historic number 10, in the last hours some messages were released that Jorge He exchanged with the journalist Carlos Monfort, from Jijantes FC, the streaming channel led by Gerard Romero, a specialist in Barcelona information.

“It is difficult, I see Messi coming to Barcelona as quite difficult. I don’t think it will happen, it’s quite complicated”, was the first statement that Monfort made during the live broadcast on behalf of Messi’s father.

“Right now it depends on several things. Barcelona is your home and always will be. There are many things at stake, many things that we are pending and it is not economic. He would play for free”, he added according to the words of the agent of the captain of the Argentine team who became the world champion in Qatar.

Immediately afterward, Monfort and Romero recounted the situation that Jorge raised about how the novel of his possible return affects the footballer who is about to turn 36. “It bothers him that his son is spoken of badly because he suffers. It’s not that he doesn’t want to come, but that he is emotionally bad, he doesn’t know what to do, “were the words of Leo’s father according to what the Spanish journalists expressed.

“He is bored with the situation and he feels a little pressure after these two years in Paris, which have been difficult for him, especially since the first four months he had to live in a hotel and psychologically and emotionally they were complicated,” they said. about what Jorge told them in relation to the arrival of La Pulga in the capital of France to play for PSG.

Finally, both Monfort and Romero remarked that Jorge assured them that “the relationship with Laporta is very good”. And that, in the event that his return to Barça is not defined, there will be a statement in which he will confirm what will become of his future next season. “Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, it will be announced whether it comes or not,” they added.

Finally, the journalists highlighted that, after the meeting between Jorge Messi and Laporta at the residence of the head of the culé institution, “the club are surprised by this pressure of those two, three days because the club is working so that There are two or three exits.

It must be remembered that, after that meeting, the father of the Argentine player spoke while being followed by several journalists. “Is Lionel coming back to Barcelona? “I don’t know anything yet”, was the first thing he answered. Immediately afterward, they asked him: “Would the Messi family like me to return to Barcelona?”, To which he replied: “He would love it,” he added. Finally, after being consulted about the plan that the culé institution has to put together, Jorge said: “We talked the other day but nothing concrete” and also answered a “yes” to the query “Do you trust that you can return?”