All about corporate social responsibility

All about corporate social responsibility

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become very fashionable in recent years. Now consumers are not only looking for a product or service but also to buy it from a company whose ethics they trust.

Specifically, CSR is a form of action by companies, based mainly on the possible negative and positive impacts that their activity can cause both in their immediate environment and in the environment that surrounds them.

To achieve good CSR in your company it is necessary to take into account several aspects. Also, it is important to apply measures aimed at improving what is not working as it should.

How to improve corporate social responsibility

CSR affects the company in a general way, so the measures taken must be linked to the basic activity of your business. In addition, it is necessary to involve senior managers in the change and persist in the goal on a routine basis.

According to the Observatory of Corporate Social Responsibility, there are five principles that govern CSR. First, compliance with current national and international legislation to guarantee a fair work environment.

Second, to assume that CSR encompasses all areas of the company, and that, therefore, it has to be present in all of them. Next, acquire ethical commitments that are mandatory. For this, there needs to be coherence between ethical commitment and business decisions.

The last two principles consist of managing the impacts generated by our activity and the satisfaction of stakeholders. Be fully aware of the adverse effects that can occur in social, economic or environmental spheres and take measures to avoid or minimize them.

Finding the perfect combination between taking care of the interior of our company without forgetting the exterior in which it is located, is not so simple. However, if we manage to hit the key, our clients will fully trust us and that loyalty is priceless.

Corporate social responsibility can not only help your business in terms of image, take care of what surrounds your company, it also ensures its continuity. Therefore, if you do not pay too much attention to CSR, you should start to consider it and find the measures that best suit your activity.