The Italian Government identified the tourist who vandalized the Roman Colosseum with his partner

Roman Colosseum

The Italian Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, confirmed today that the British tourist who inscribed his name and that of his partner, also present, at the Colosseum in Rome last week, has been identified thanks to a video that went viral on social networks.

“I thank the Carabinieri (Italian militarized police) for quickly identifying the alleged perpetrator of the uncivil and absurd act committed in the Coliseum. An act that offended all those in the world who appreciate the value of archaeology, monuments and history,” the minister said.

The media revealed that those targeted are a fitness instructor, Ivan Dimitrov , 27, and a sports nutritionist, Haley Bracey, 33. Although they are of Bulgarian origin, they are based in the United Kingdom.

The authorities hope that the matter reaches the courts and, if it comes to a trial, “the Italian Ministry of Culture will be a civil party,” said the official of that entity.

“Meanwhile, the bill presented by the Government so that those who insult our heritage are personally responsible for it, also from the patrimonial point of view, continues its course in Parliament. Those who harm will pay, ”he promised.

For their part, the Carabineros explained that the alleged perpetrator of the crime was identified thanks to the photographic comparison, after which they were able to verify “that it is a couple, a man and a woman, residing in England.”

“Ivan + Hayley 23″ is the message that a young tourist wrote on the walls of the Flavian Amphitheater (as the Colosseum is also known), the most visited monument in Italy and a World Heritage Site since 1980.

The “feat” was recorded on video and shared on social networks last Friday by another visitor who criticized the behavior of the tourist, who in the images looks at the camera smiling.

The video, which was published on the Reddit social network under the title “Idiot tourist engraves his girlfriend’s name on the wall of the Colosseum”, aroused the outrage of many users.

After recording the images, the author of the video reported the event to the Coliseum staff, who contacted the police.

Although the case has not reached the courts, the Italian media estimate that the fine could amount to 19,000 euros or more and a year in jail.

This is not the first time that visitors to the enormous Amphitheater have decided to vandalize its walls.

Last summer a Canadian tourist was surprised by the security agents of the Colosseum while writing her name with a stone on the same walls. On that occasion, the guards were able to quickly alert the police, who went to the scene and reported the visitor.