Japan sanctions more politicians, military and a Russian bank

Japan sanctions more politicians

The Japanese government announced this Tuesday (02.28.2023) a new round of sanctions against political and military officials, as well as a Russian bank, in addition to the additional ban on Japanese exports of components that can be used in the war against Ukraine.

The punitive measures approved by the Government Cabinet include the freezing of assets of 39 people and 73 organizations in Russia, a bank, as well as nine individuals in Ukraine that would have been directly involved in helping the Russian invasion of the neighboring country. This freezing of assets will enter into force on March 30.

Japan has also decided to ban exports to 21 organizations linked to the invasion of Ukraine and ban sales of certain components, adding to Tokyo’s already-applied ban on shipments of semiconductors and other parts and technological devices.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister among sanctioned

“We from the G7 have asked countries that help Russia to stop doing so. Japan will continue to collect and analyze information about it and we will take appropriate measures after close cooperation with the countries involved,” government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said.

Among those sanctioned on Tuesday is Deputy Defense Minister Viktor Goremiykin, as well as numerous members of the missile planning unit and the Moscow-based Rosbank bank.

The Japanese government has been approving a series of sanctions against Russia such as the freezing of assets of senior government officials, including the country’s prime minister, Mikhail Mishustin.

In its previous rounds of sanctions, Japan decided to stop exporting semiconductors and components for microchips that could be used by the Russian military industry, and among other product categories, it also halted sales of luxury cars to Russia.