What did Biden say about the photo of the signing of Donald Trump?

Joe Biden Donald Trump

The mugshot of Donald Trump was released Thursday night after he was booked into an Atlanta jail on more than a dozen felony charges as part of a far-reaching criminal case stemming from attempts by the former president of the United States to overturn his 2020 election defeat in Georgia.

The president of the United StatesJoe Biden, commented this Friday for the first time on the mugshot of former President Donald Trump and laughingly said that his main political rival is a “handsome guy” after he was booked in Fulton County, in the state of Georgia.

“I saw him on television,” said Biden, who is on vacation in Lake Tahoe, adding, “a handsome guy. A wonderful guy,” according to the ABC News television network.

These have been the first comments by President Biden on Trump’s legal problems, since both he and the White House have avoided commenting on the subject.

Trump turned himself in this past Thursday in the Fulton County jail for the case that is investigating him for his alleged involvement in a criminal network that sought to reverse the results of the 2020 elections, where his fingerprints were taken and the photographs were taken by police. A serious Donald Trump was caught looking at the camera in the mugshot, which was released Thursday night.

The former US president was released on bail and upon his return from the airport, he reiterated his innocence: “I did nothing wrong. We have every right to challenge an election that we consider dishonest.”

After the viralization of the photograph, Trump himself took the opportunity to commercialize of it with products such as mugs and t-shirts to finance his campaign.