UAM of Mexico in student strike for cases of sexual abuse

UAM de Mexico

The students of the five units of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM) of Mexico continue to be unemployed after two weeks due to the accumulation of cases of sexual abuse and harassment, as well as the lack of responses from the educational institution, according to this report. Thursday (23.03.2023).

The mobilization began with the case of a student from the Cuajimalpa campus – one of the five along with Lerma, Xochimilco, Azcapotzalco and Iztapalapa, all in Mexico City and the metropolitan area – who denounced her ex-partner for having sexually abused her. in December 2022 on campus.

Although the attacker admitted to being guilty, the university authorities decided not to do anything citing a lack of evidence, as indicated on March 8. With this decision, the student should attend classes with her aggressor.

So, students from all the units of the UAM decided to activate the strike out of solidarity, but also to denounce similar acts and the need for protocols in all the schools.

Given the risk situation for the students, they decided to coordinate among all the units and issue each one a petition that focuses on urging the university authorities to effectively train the staff with a gender perspective.

This Thursday they offered a press conference so that the rest of the citizenry is aware of what is happening at the UAM and to demand that effective responses and negotiation tables be established.