Rebecca Jones, the famous Mexican actress, died at the age of 65

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones, who established herself as one of the most important actresses on Mexican television, died at dawn on March 22.

It was through the account of the public relations artist Danna Vázquez, that the news was released and, although no further details were provided about the causes of her death, condolences were shown for the situation.

“With deep sadness, we want to report the death of our beloved and admired Rebecca Anne Jones Fuentes (May 21, 1957-March 22, 2023),” it reads in the first instance.

Likewise, the letter delved into the fact that the famous lived her last moments with her closest people and left calmly.

“ Rebecca was accompanied at all times by her loved ones, she left in peace and with deep gratitude to her audience for whom she has worked all her life”, it was pointed out.

In the same way, it was announced that in the coming days, there will be an emotional farewell to the actress of soap operas such as Cabo, To love again, Cuna de lobos, among others.

“In the next few days, we will join in saying goodbye to her as she wished. Thank you to everyone who was aware of Rebecca‘s health at all times,” the announcement concluded.

Quickly, the artist’s fans reacted and most of them have shown their condolences at the death of Rebecca Jones through messages of love: “I am very sorry for the loss of a formidable actress.” “RIP loved her and admired her very much.” “One of the best actresses that she has given our country.” “Rest in peace, beautiful.”

Rebecca Jones’ health complications

In November 2022 it was announced that the famous had been hospitalized for a serious lung deficiency that led to pneumonia. Thus, after she was in intensive care, her representation agency announced at that time that Ella Rebecca was stable and with progressive improvements.

After this hard episode, on March 7, the actress reappeared on her social networks after also announcing her temporary retirement from acting.

However, the photograph where Rebecca was seen with her Televisa colleagues caused great controversy because the famous woman looked different. Given the criticism and comments he received, Jones took a forceful position on the matter.

“How nice to know that so many people love me!!! And what a nice way to show it to me. Since I couldn’t attend the premiere of NOTHING TO SEE, Jacobo Nazar @jaynazar and @videocine organized my own private premiere with popcorn and everything, ”she began.

I invited the people I love the most, some of my whole life, others, just a few months from now, but all, all, have been with me in these months that are so difficult to bear. And they continue with me, especially now that the glow of perfect health is seen, that light of hope so longed for.

The artist acknowledged that she was thinner, but commented that this was due to the health problems she experienced at the end of 2022.

“(Believe me, 8 days in intensive care, anyone loses weight, I’ll get them back), but that’s the least of my worries, now I just know that every day I’m stronger and healthier. And no, I’m not asking for a miracle as some say out there because I know that God is ALWAYS with me, no. I’m not “fighting” either because we all struggle day by day to live (at least I think that’s how it should be). What I am doing is enjoying every second of life, trying its delicacies, and its bittersweet moments, and learning from beautiful and not-so-beautiful things. Thinking nice things, ”she placed.

It should be noted that in the past Rebecca Jones was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but, after several chemotherapies and surgery, the actress managed to leave that issue behind in 2019.