US Senate endorses access to abortion for ex-military women

US Military Women

The United States Senate rejected the allegations presented by the Republican senators and endorsed the recently approved Veterans Affairs law, which guarantees access to abortion for ex-military women in various cases.

The resolution, which had been introduced by Alabama Senator Tommy Tuerville, failed with 48 votes in favor and 51 against.

Among the Republican senators who voted against this measure – which allows the United States Veterans Agency to perform abortions on ex-military women in case their lives are at risk or they have become pregnant as a result of rape or incest -, meet Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins.

These two senators thus joined the Democrats, who support the measure, which has raised controversy in the midst of an increase in tension at the national level after the Supreme Court’s decision to annul The Roe vs. Wade, which recognized the constitutional right of women to access this practice, according to information from the CNN television network.

Before the vote, the president of the United States himself, Joe Biden, promised that he would veto such a resolution in the event that the Upper House supported him in his attempt to veto access to abortion in various cases for ex-military women.