Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin and strengthen their alliance in the midst of the war in Ukraine


The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, has just landed in Moscow, on his first visit abroad since his re-election for a historic third term at the head of the Asian giant, in order to meet with his most powerful and relevant ally today, Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin.

Upon his arrival, Jinping pointed out that China and Russia “are good neighbors and reliable partners” and that both countries are ready “to safeguard the world order based on International Law” as well as “strengthen friendship, cooperation and peace”.

“During the last 10 years, bilateral relations have been strengthened and developed on the basis of non-adherence, non-confrontation and non-alignment against a third party, they have created an example of inter-state relations based on mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation”, stressed Jinping, who expects this visit to be “fruitful”.  

Xi has been received on a red carpet by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Chernishenko, after which he said he is “very happy” by Putin’s invitation. An honor guard played the Chinese and Russian anthem as he arrived.

China peace plan

Putin and Xi will talk, among other things, about tensions with the West, especially with the United States, and the invasion of Ukraine, in which Beijing seems willing to intervene since it has also traditionally maintained good relations with Kyiv.

On the table will be the peace plan that China presented a few weeks ago and that has not satisfied either party, or the West. However, Xi Jinping has cast himself in the role of mediator, a role he has also played successfully with Saudi Arabia and Iran, two seemingly irreconcilable countries.