Fear in the United States of protests over the improbable arrest of Trump

Donald Trump Protest New York

The announcement by Donald Trump that he will be arrested in New York this Tuesday in one of the cases in which he is being investigated has led the US government to prepare for protests and massive acts of intimidation, although there are no indications that such an arrest will be going to produce

The Manhattan district attorney has in fact warned that he will not tolerate intimidation of his team. This could soon charge Trump with a tax-type crime for payments with campaign funds to a porn actress, Stormy Daniels so that she would silence a sexual adventure.

That’s just one of the open cases about Trump, his family and his companies. The former president shocked the United States on Saturday by announcing his arrest in a message on his own social network. Soon, however, his campaign admitted that he had no information about an arrest. The prosecution did not comment on the matter.

District Attorney Alvin Bragg sent an email to his employees saying, “As with all of our cases, we will continue to apply the law uniformly and fairly, speaking publicly only when appropriate.” The email was leaked by the North American website Politico.

What Trump did achieve is to return to the center of the political debate, something that is no longer guaranteed. The Republican Party came to his defense on Saturday and Sunday, including those who are supposed to contest him in the Republican primary. Former Vice President Mike Pence, for example, said on ABC television that the cause of the porn actress is “politically motivated” by the “radical left.”

The Democrats, meanwhile, denounced Trump calling for street protests again as he did in 2021 before a mob descended on Washington and looted the Capitol in an attempt to reverse the result of the presidential election that ended in five. deaths.

Preemptively, a group of the former president’s supporters gathered outside his Florida mansion just as the president flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to attend a wrestling match. Trump did not speak there, but he did raise his fist, one of his favorite gestures to his supporters.

The White House, meanwhile, is preparing for possible protests in Washington or New York. The spokesman of the National Security Council of the presidency, John Kirby, said in an interview on Fox: “Obviously we don’t want to see a repeat of violent action, certainly not to the point that we saw on January 6th. But we are keeping an eye on this, we will of course keep a close eye on it.”

Even so, neither the White House nor the Democrats consulted yesterday by the US media were aware of any imminent arrest. “There are no reasons to protest anything,” Senator Elizabeth Warren said in an interview on ABC. “In any case, the law operating as it should, without fear or favoritism to anyone,” she added.

Trump has several open cases but has not been charged so far. Before the message about her imminent arrest, several New York media reported that prosecutor Bragg is preparing to charge her with a crime of fraud for payments to the porn actress, which were not properly declared at the time, before the 2016 elections.