An 8-year-old girl dies in US Border Patrol custody in Texas

8-year-old girl dies in US Border Patrol

An eight-year-old girl has died while in the custody of the United States immigration authorities, as reported by the country’s Border Patrol (CBP).

The minor and her family were in CBP custody when the girl “experienced a medical emergency” at the Border Patrol facility in Harlington, Texas. 

The immigration authorities called the emergency medical services to the CBP station where the minor was located, explains a statement issued by the Government, and transferred her to a local hospital, where she finally died.

The nationality of the minor and her family are still unknown, as are details about what caused her death. She assured her in her statement from her that she will provide additional information about her death from her at a later date.

Death of a 14-year-old boy

The death of this eight-year-old girl comes five days after another death of a migrant was reported, in this case of a 14-year-old boy from Honduras, when he was in the custody of the authorities in Florida.

Both tragedies come after the lifting last week of Title 42, a measure launched by Donald Trump (2017-2021) and continued by President Joe Biden to immediately expel migrants during the pandemic.

Under the new rules that went into effect May 11, authorities can hold migrants who cross irregularly in custody until an official decides whether or not to file an asylum case.

Given the immigration scenario in the US, civil and pro-immigrant groups filed a federal lawsuit in a California court against the Biden government for the restrictions imposed on asylum seekers.