The Colombian National Navy has seized 2,643 kilograms of cocaine and three semi-submersibles belonging to FARC dissidents

Submersibles FARC Colombia

The Colombian National Navy has seized 2,643 kilograms of cocaine on board a submersible vehicle in which the lifeless bodies of two people and two other seriously ill have also been found.

The submarine was transporting drugs through Pacific waters in the direction of Central America when it suffered a mechanical failure in the fuel system, which caused a leak of toxic gases, reports the newspaper El Colombiano. Two of the crew were able to get on the hull and were rescued by the Navy and transferred to a ship to receive first aid.

“Once this illegal device is located, two people can be seen at the top and first aid is given to them,” said  Commander Cristian Andrés Guzmán, commander of the Navy Task Force Against Drug Trafficking.

In the subsequent inspection, made difficult because the vehicle was flooded, and two bodies and the drug shipment were found, which was transferred to the coast of Tumaco, in Nariño.

The cocaine could have reached a sale value of 87 million dollars, about  81.38 million euros, for six million doses of cocaine.

three semi-submersibles 

This finding coincides with the location of three semi-submersibles used by the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to transport between four and six tons of cocaine hydrochloride each.

The artifacts belong to the groups Segunda Marquetalia and Comando Coordinador de Occidente of the FARC dissidents that operate in the department of Nariño, in the Colombian Pacific.

This operation affects the armed groups of Nariño “reducing the logistical capacity (of the illegal armed groups) to finance their illegal activities, avoiding the transport and commercialization of more than 12 tons of cocaine hydrochloride in the international illegal market.”