A new dangerous TikTok challenge causes at least 4 deaths in the US

Dangerous TikTok challenge USA

At least four people have died in recent months in the US state of Alabama trying to replicate a dangerous new TikTok challenge,  local media report, citing authorities.

This is the ‘boat jumping challenge’ (‘boat jumping challenge’), in which users of the social network record how they jump into the water from the back of speedboats that sail at full speed. Since the high speed of the boat makes the water feel very hard when falling, some participants break their necks and drown.

According to Capt. Jim Dennis of the Childersburg City Rescue Team, there have been four “easily preventable” drownings in the past six months. “The four we attended to when they jumped off the boat literally broke their necks. It’s basically an instant kill. I think people, if they’re being filmed on camera, are more likely to do something stupid than they want to brag about in front of their friends on social media,” he said.

Not only young people, but also adults are involved in this dangerous activity. Thus, the first victim was a man who tried to carry out the challenge while his wife and his children watched from the boat.