Survey: two out of three women feel insecure in Mexico

Women Mexico

Almost two out of three women, 63% of the total, feel insecure in Mexico, and less than half consider they have the same opportunities as men, as revealed this Wednesday (03.08.2023) a survey by the Poligrama agency in the International Women’s Day.

The place where Mexican women perceive the greatest insecurity is on the street, with 38% of the total considering it so, followed by public transport, with 32%, according to the survey. The list is completed by work (9%), home (4%), school (2%), and other unspecified places (15%).

The study of the polling house Poligrama was carried out on March 5 and 6 on 1,000 women over 15 years of age nationwide by telephone, with a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 3.1%.

On the other hand, the survey discovered that only 48% of those surveyed think that “in Mexico, women have the same opportunities as men to access a job.” Even so, 47% agree that in the last three years employment opportunities for women have “improved”, while 41% think that they “remain the same” and 12% that they have “worsened”.

Regarding politics, more than eight out of 10 Mexican women, 81%, believe that “Mexico is ready to be governed by a woman.” But less than two-thirds of women, 62%, believe that “women have the same opportunities as men to access government positions such as mayors, deputies and governors.”