Shoot at the family business of Messi’s wife

Antonela Rocuzzo Messi

The family business of the wife of soccer player Lionel Messi, Antonela Rocuzzo, was shot at dawn this Thursday (03.02.2023). A total of 14 bullets hit the facade and metal shutters of the supermarket, located in the city of Rosario. The attackers, who arrived on a motorcycle, left a note for the captain of the Argentine team: “Messi we are waiting for you, Javkin is also a drug trafficker, he will not take care of you”, in reference to Pablo Javkin, mayor of Rosario.

Early this Thursday, Javkin appeared before the media stationed in the place and blamed the fact on the gangs and the forces “that have weapons and those that have the power to investigate the crimes” that have to “take care” of Rosario. “I doubt everything,” the mayor (mayor) told the press, who said that the day before he had a meeting with the provincial, federal, airport, Gendarmerie and Naval Prefecture police and noted that “there are no persecutions.”

“It is very treacherous,” said Javkin, because it is “easy” for the band to generate this fact and “talk about the most famous person in the world” and wondered what news is “more rapidly virtualizing in the world than attacking Messi’s place “. The mayor of the city, the third most populous in  Argentina, insisted that what is sought is “the repercussion” and asked that the Rocuzzo family be allowed to open the premises and work.

Rosario is considered the city most punished by violence in Argentina, hit by acts of insecurity due to the action of drug gangs. Less than a month ago, Javkin himself protested the lack of resources to stop the advance of drug trafficking. The attack comes days after a meeting of the heads of all the security forces together with Javkin, the governor of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, and representatives of the federal government to draw up new strategies aimed at reducing crime in Rosario.