New allegations of sexual abuse emerge against Rammstein frontman

Till Lindemann

Several German media published this Friday (06.02.2023) different testimonies of sexual abuse and abuse of power by Till Lindemann, the lead singer of the heavy metal band Rammstein, after a few days ago a young woman claimed to have been drugged at a concert in Vilnius (Lithuania).

The young Irish girl Shelby Lynn recounted on her social networks how the singer allegedly flew into a rage after she refused to have sex with him. She then began to have blackouts in her memory, even though she had only had a little alcohol, and the next day she woke up covered in bruises. The young woman stated that she has filed a complaint with the Lithuanian police and she stated that she was convinced that one of the drinks that she was given at the party contained drugs.

In a testimony collected by the information portal of the public channel ARD, a young woman identified as “Cynthia A.” She recounted how in 2020, behind the scenes, Lindemann had relations with her “quite violently” until she bled, without her resisting due to the singer’s celebrity status.

Another young woman, 21-year-old “Kaya”, testified that after a concert, she woke up in the hotel bed where she had been knocked unconscious and discovered that the 60-year-old singer was abusing her. To these testimonies are added more than a dozen women with whom ARD communicated, who stated that they had been contacted through social networks or at Rammstein concerts by people from Lindemann’s environment to attend special parties for which they had to attend. dress attractively. As evidence, they provided WhatsApp conversations or other messaging services.

Also the newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” published similar testimonies. Some of the interviewees knew in advance that in exchange for the invitation to the party, they were expected to have sexual relations with Lindemann, while others were taken by surprise.

Due to the complaints, the German publishing house “Kiepenheuer und Witsch”, which has published three volumes of Lindemann’s poems, announced the end of the collaboration with the vocalist.

For its part, Rammstein reacted last Sunday (05.28.2023) with a brief statement in which the band ruled out that none of the events narrated had occurred in their environment. “We are not aware of any official investigations in this regard,” the group added. “Regarding the accusations about Vilnius that circulate on the networks, we can exclude that what is claimed has happened in our environment,” the group declared through its Twitter account on the night of Sunday to Monday.