The president of Peru is investigated for alleged illegal financing

Dina Boluarte

The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, will be investigated together with former president Pedro Castillo for the alleged illegal financing of the Peru Libre party in the 2021 general elections, following statements by businessman Henry Shimabukuro, as announced by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The First Supraprovincial Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Money Laundering Crimes expanded the investigation against Boluarte, Castillo and Shimabukuro for the alleged crimes of money laundering and criminal organization after the businessman told the press that he had financed Boluarte’s trips and campaigning activities in the last electoral campaign.

In that campaign, Castillo led the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic, while Boluarte aspired to the Vice Presidency.

Boluarte, who succeeded Castillo in December last year after being dismissed for his failed self-coup, had rejected the accusations against him on Sunday and reiterated that they were a “dark political maneuver that seeks to stain the constitutional government, democracy and the institutional framework.” , with sayings and without proofs”.

“There has not been any type of negotiation, request or favor on the part of Mrs. Dina Boluarte,” her office said on Twitter, alluding to recent allegations of receiving undeclared money from businessmen in the electoral campaign.

Last Sunday, Maritza Sánchez, a teacher close to Castillo, denounced on the Cuarto Poder program that Shimabukuro, a shadow adviser to the former president, and Eduvigis Beltrán contributed large sums of money to the Boluarte campaign to access aid programs with the State and placing close people in high public positions.

Regarding these accusations, the Presidency commented that “if Mr. Shimabukuro has collaborated or financed party activities, he has done so in an absolutely personal way and without agreeing to any commitment.”

Due to Shimabukuro’s accusations, the opposition in Congress has announced a motion to dismiss Boluarte, which can be formalized this week during plenary session.

While Castillo is currently under investigation, under preventive detention, for criminal organization and rebellion, Boluarte is under investigation for those killed and injured in the social protests that followed his assumption of command, as well as allegations of alleged corruption among his former collaborators.

On Monday, the president had to respond to the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, at the Government Palace for a case of alleged corruption related to the alleged irregularities in the hiring of companies of her former adviser Grika Asayag.