White House: Biden not ‘focused’ on the case against Trump

Joe Biden US

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, is not “focused” on the impeachment of his predecessor Donald Trump (2017-2021), although he may see part of the news related to that matter on television during some time of the day, said this White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre Tuesday.

“This is not something he (Joe Biden) is focused on. We are concerned about lowering prices for the American people. Of course, this is on many of the television networks here, on a daily basis, for hours and hours, so you may see some of the news,” he told a news conference.

In addition, the spokeswoman preferred not to comment on the provocative statements that Trump has made since before his impeachment, in which he called on people to protest.

“We have always made it very clear that we condemn any type of violence, but I am not going to go into anything that affects or is related to the case. We are not going to comment on it”, Jean-Pierre pointed out.

The spokeswoman positioned herself in this way shortly after Trump turned himself into the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office so that a New York judge could read the charges against him, which have not yet been made public but which add up to thirty, according to information published. have leaked.

Trump has become the first former president of the country to face criminal charges after being indicted by a New York grand jury in a case related to paying a bribe to porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom the former president had an “affair.” ” in 2006.

The White House has tried to stay in the background and has avoided making any big pronouncements.

A day after Trump’s indictment became known on Thursday, US President Joe Biden responded to several questions on the matter with the phrase: “I have no comment on Trump.”

In addition, yesterday Monday, Joe Biden was asked about the pro-Tump protests that have been called in his support, including one for today in front of the Manhattan court in which he appeared.

A reporter asked the president if he was concerned about the possibility of violence, to which Biden replied: “No, I have faith in the New York Police Department” and replied that “yes” he had faith in the judicial system.