The love story of Maluma and Susi: who is the woman who will make him a father


In the last few hours, Maluma confirmed in a concert he gave in Washington news that he will be the father of a girl they will call Paris along with his girlfriend Susana Gómez, with whom he has been in a relationship for almost three years. The artist shared on the big screen the video clip for “Procura”, his new single that is dedicated to his partner and in the end he confirmed that they are expecting their first daughter, the reaction of their relatives and the first ultrasounds they had.

“Our love story,” wrote Maluma at the bottom of the video and left his initials, those of his girlfriend and that of the baby on the way who will be called Paris because in the video clip, they showed the gender reveal party that took place. in the penthouse of The Edge, which is one of the most exclusive buildings in New York City where his family and loved ones attended and there you could see that the cake had the name “Paris”.

There was also a toast and they made themselves a diamond necklace with the word. Immediately afterward, they used strobe lights and pink fireworks to inform those present that Juan Luis Londoño Arias (the artist’s first name) and his partner will have a girl: París Londoño Gómez.The images of Maluma and Susana the day they announced the gender of their baby on the way (Youtube) The images of Maluma and Susana the day they announced the gender of their baby on the way (Youtube)

The first rumors of a romance between Maluma and the young woman emerged at the end of 2020 when they were seen together on several occasions. Finally, the artist whitewashed the relationship in 2021 but she did not show her face nor did he label her. They prioritized that to keep a low profile and leave the bond intimate although they live together, travel and do everything together. It’s been almost three years now. But how did they meet and who is Susi Gómez?

As Teleshow learned, the singer and the architect had been friends for a long time since they shared a group of acquaintances in common. That is to say, before love was born there was a friendship between them. Even in the statement that the artist makes at the beginning of the “Procura” video, he makes it clear that they already had a bond. “So many years looking for love on the outside and I had not realized that it was there, right next to me,” said the artist at the April 30 concert at the Atanasio Girardot in Medellín.Maluma and Susana Gómez have been together for three years (Instagram) Maluma and Susana Gómez have been together for three years (Instagram)

Susana Gómez is 29 years old, Colombian and an architect. She currently has a jewelry business called Sileo in Colombia and Miami and she will be a mother for the first time with the Paisa singer. Like Maluma, she was in a relationship with other people and she even married a businessman, also of the same nationality as hers, although in 2021 they divorced. She immediately began a relationship with Maluma and they became inseparable.

During the 2022 Colombia Moda that took place in Medellín, Maluma launched a clothing collection between the French brand GEF and his foundation “The Art of Dreams”. In the press conference that the artist gave to talk about that launch, he confessed that one of his greatest wishes was to meet someone to consolidate a role that until now he did not have in his life. “A dream that I have yet to fulfill would be to be a father, have many children and start my family. I am very family-oriented and if God wants at some point it will happen,” commented the artist who today confirmed that he will be the father of a girl.