Earthquake at PSG: Mbappé communicated through a letter that he will not renew his contract and from January he can negotiate with another club

Kylian Mbappé PSG

After the departure of Lionel Messi, who chose Inter Miami as his next club, an earthquake shook PSG. As reported by L’EquipeKylian Mbappé communicated via letter to the institution’s leadership that he will not exercise the option of the third year of the contract until 2025. Consequently, the 24-year-old striker will be able to negotiate a contract with another club in January 2024 to join in June with the pass in his possession. A shock that “awakens misunderstanding” in Paris, as stressed by the French media. And it ignites enthusiasm in Spain, more precisely in Real Madrid.

“The PSG offices have been traversed by a scorching atmosphere in the last few hours. With very discreet discussions that reflect a heavy climate”, L’Equipe described the impact. The determination came hours after, when asked by a fan, Florentino Pérez responded with an enigmatic. “Are you going to sign Mbappé?” Was the query. “Yes, yes, but not this year…”. Why wasn’t it blunt? Did you have any presumption or information about the step that the world champion striker was going to take with France in 2018?

Faced with this disturbing move, in the Old Continent they assure that Paris will stand firm: this time, either Mbappé extends this summer, or he will be sold, to avoid a long-winded and exhausting novel as occurred a year ago. At the gala in which he has voted the best player in Ligue 1, Kiki had not been very emphatic when talking about his future: “I still have a year on my contract, I’ll still be there next season.” I mean, he didn’t talk about the full bond. There he had already left a sign.

In favor of the attacker, his entourage repeatedly alleged that the club broke several promises that they had made before renewing. For example, they were going to put together a squad with him as a beacon (in the end, Neymar continued, which caused friction) and the hiring policy of the new sports director, Luis Campos, failed. Today, coach Christophe Galtier knows that he will not continue, everything indicates that Julian Nagelsmann will be his replacement, in the context of what Messi’s inner circle perceived when he sat down to renew: there is no clear project.

There were also sparks linked to the use of his image. In April, an advertising campaign provoked the fury of the former Monaco. “I have just seen the club’s resubscription campaign for the 2023/24 season. At no time was I informed of the content of it with my interlocutor. It seemed like when I did a basic interview at a club marketing session. I do not agree with this published video, ”said Mbappé on his social networks.

“That is why I fight for individual image rights. PSG is a great club and a great family, but it is definitely not Kylian Saint-Germain”, he completed. The institution should have come out to apologize and accept that it was a mistake. But the relationship had left another scar.

Well, the PSG franchise player has indicated the exit door with a certain date. Although the conflict can escalate to an early farewell. The termination clause amounts to 400 million euros. Could a discount be negotiated? Would any team pay that figure knowing that in six months they can talk directly with the player, without intermediaries? How will the relationship with the ultras, relentless with other stars like Messi or Neymar, turn out if they celebrate one year of their relationship with the certainty that it will be the last? Questions that reached the surface before the determination taken by Mbappé.