Importance of the Sales Force for companies

Importance of the Sales Force for companies

The sales force is a group of people responsible for the relations between the company and the clients. This set must be planned, designed, analyzed and implemented properly so that no mistakes are made in the process of selling a product or service. This sales force must be accompanied by an adequate marketing plan that allows the company to adequately flow information to its market, and thus the company can receive valuable information from its market.

This set of people is designed to make it easier for sales management to sell a product or service effectively, through a solid structure that allows the company to specialize in specific product lines.

Its importance lies in the fact that companies want to create a qualified sales team, which helps them create superior customer value and create strong and profitable relationships. For this reason, sales managers do their best to adequately and decently remunerate the salespeople who make up this team.

The use of the sales force will depend a lot on the industry used, to adequately serve current customers, since it is more profitable to retain a customer than to gain a new one. This is also aimed at the larger client portfolios that the company has paid more attention to than regular accounts. A good organization of the sales force from customers can greatly help a company to build closer relationships with important customers. Some of these companies use special sales forces to serve specific customer needs.

The sales force serves as a special link between the company and its customers. This link becomes one of the most important assets of the company, because it is generated from a pure and genuine affinity, product of the satisfaction of the clients’ needs plus the added value that the client subsequently receives. This sales force must be focused on providing solutions to customers. This is essential, not only for the sales force, but also for the entire organization, given its role in linking the company with customers.

To conclude, the sales force must collaborate in conjunction with other marketing functions (such as planners, brand managers, and marketing researchers) to deliver solutions to customers plus superior value. In this way, the link between the company and the customers is consolidated.

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