Why is marketing important in a company?

marketing important in a company

Today, marketing is so important that it has become one of the most important departments within the company. But what do we mean by marketing?

Marketing ( market or marketing in English) is a discipline dedicated to analyzing the behavior of markets and consumers. Thus, the function of the Marketing Department of a company is to analyze the commercial management of companies in order to attract, retain and retain customers through the satisfaction of their needs.

It is for this reason that the marketing area is vital not only for the success of a company, but also for its existence. Without it, the company could not survive. In other words: without marketing, we would not be able to know the consumer and, consequently, what they want or seek. Marketing is the connection between the consumer and the company, through it we know what, how, when and where the product and/or service is demanded.

Thanks to marketing, companies define market niches to which they directly target. Thus, if the company manages to know and understand the consumer it is targeting, offering them the quality they are looking for, it will create a strong relationship with them and their sales will increase significantly.

Marketing is often related to advertising, but this is only a small part of it. Marketing includes many more things: the design of the product, its price, its distribution, etc. Promotion is one of the fundamental parts of the Marketing Department of any company. How will they contract a service or buy a product if they don’t know they exist? It needs a promotion so that the consumer knows it and thus can reach it.

Ultimately, marketing generates profitability and anticipates future customer needs; it is, therefore, the helm of the company